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We can guide you through the design and execution of your project because we’ve lived it ourselves from start to finish¬†

renovation expert

After undertaking a series of small-scale property improvement projects, we completed an extensive programme of extension and renovation on a quaint but tired arts and crafts house.

Having worked closely with planners, structural engineers, construction professionals and building control officers means we don’t just provide drawings for beautiful, seamless extensions and remodels. Our plans are carefully considered to be practical, functional and viable for construction.

Our philosophy is to achieve the most transformational improvements for clients while striving to minimise disruption and financial outlay. We don’t believe in adding square meterage or knocking down walls for the sake of it, every centimetre is carefully considered and expected to work for its inclusion.


A husband and wife team, we are supported by a host of consulting industry experts including construction professionals, architects, structural engineers and building surveyors.

Our little black book is full of highly recommended tradespeople who we are happy to put you in touch with.

renovation expert

A multidisciplinary designer (a fancy way of saying I design a wide variety of things) I have lived through several renovations and have gained expertise in the process from initial conception to building control sign-off.

I set up Eaves Home to provide a straightforward design and support service for homeowners looking to improve their space. Most have a very good idea what they would like to achieve from a remodel or extension. Rather than spending vast sums on elaborate designs, they just need an experienced guide to hone those ideas into beautifully considered, viable drawings and plans then guide them through the planning process.

In addition to producing concept and scale drawings to help clients realise their dream homes, as a professional photographer I work with homeowners, landlords and holiday lettings creating photos which show off properties in their best light. Whether I’m designing them or capturing their image, I’m passionate about buildings and finding their potential.

renovation expert

An eternal pragmatist, Phil’s steady, meticulous approach ensures projects are undertaken with the utmost diligence and efficiency.

Having trained as a product designer, thinking in three dimensions is second nature to Phil. He considers challenges with a unique, critical eye and just when you think he’s finally been stumped by a problem, he’ll identify an ingenious solution that no one else would ever have spotted.

Phil’s attention to detail makes for highly accurate and thorough site measurement surveys. He contributes to concept generation and is a three dimensional model rendering specialist.