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We can produce detailed, workable drawings to support your planning application. Discover the straightforward process from initial idea to planning submission.


Your own home has the potential to become a custom-fit environment for you and your family. Often the simplest additions can make the most impact on your life if they’re carefully thought out. We’ll take the time to really understand how you live and use your space currently and what it is you really need to make it work for you.

We’re not interested in imposing a particular aesthetic or lifestyle. What’s important to us is making sure any alterations you make are going to work hard for you and make you happy. Elegant, efficient design always looks good.


Step 1 – Let’s have a brew

During an initial consultation at your home (preferably Yorkshire tea, milk, no sugar thanks), we’ll talk through your ideas, hopes and wishlists. If you have a pinterest board, magazine cuttings or bookmarked websites we want to see them and get as excited about your ambitions you are. Mind a complete blank? That’s fine, we’ll be able to give you heaps of inspiration.

We’ll be frank about your budget and what’s achievable. We’ve all seen the shows where architects throw every bell and whistle at a design only for it to be pared right back when the client realises it’s not realistic within their budget. Or worse, they proceed with the over-ambitious design and find themselves in a financial mess. Our fixed fee service ensures we’ve no motivation to encourage you to overspend on the build. We’ve been though the renovation experience ourselves and know how to maximise value by working closely with builders and understanding the process.

Step 2 – Let’s do this thing

After you decide you’d like to work with us, you can choose one of two routes. Route 1 is a Sketch Scheme Feasibility Study. This is an initial exploration of what’s possible within your budget, space constraints and local planning policy. Based on our initial consultation we’ll produce 2-3 quick design options for you to select from for further detailed investigation. These sketches are usually based on either estate agent plans or rough measurements. This is an ideal way to start if you don’t have a fixed idea of how you’d like the remodel/extension to take shape before moving on to route 2.

Often, clients will have a very clear vision of their requirements, they just need a design professional to bring their ideas to life. Or during the initial consultation we’ll all get fired up about the best way to achieve the most effective design and that’s enough to get the ball rolling. On occasion, strict planning, budget and/or site constraints can mean there’s already a very clear path forward. In these instances, we’ll skip the Sketch Scheme Feasibility Study stage and get straight on with route 2

undertake a comprehensive measurement survey of your home. Don’t be alarmed when we take what seems like a million photos. We want to capture every last detail for maximum accuracy. By now we’ll have a good idea of what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll